I try to spread the good word about e-cigs every chance I can. If someone asks I promise I will always tell them everything I know about e-cigs. Because e-cigs can save lives. They really can. The proof is in the pudding. Seven years on the market and no ill effects that have been documented. In the largest undocumented marketing campaign ever seen. Thousands of people who have stopped smoking using the e-cig can't be wrong. I don't need the anti's approval to know that the e-cig is just better than a cigarette, hands down. But not everybody wants to be saved. Some do and don't have the money to start. Some have the money and don't bother to go all in. Some just don't want to do it. The bottom line here is if you want it to work, it certainly can, and I am living proof of that, ME, a 2 pack a day smoker.



For 200 years the united states has approved of tobacco, and taxed it to help raise revenue. People keep smoking. Since I started smoking, some 29 years, smokers have slowly become 3rd rate citizens. Being forced to go outside to smoke, and even be a distance away from doors too. People keep smoking. Now that we do know more of the dangers of smoking, being forced outside is not a bad thing, for non-smokers. People keep smoking. Advertisements of cigarettes has been banned. People keep smoking. Smoking is being banned in whole cities. People keep smoking. cessation products don't always work. People keep smoking. The point here is that nicotine is a very powerful addiction. Even for me I have found that getting control of the addiction is the hardest part, and is what you need to deal with directly.



+I want you to succeed, but I can't make you succeed. Vaping is an alternate way of getting your nicotine. A substitute cigarette, if you will. Instead of carrying a pack of smokes and a lighter, I now carry a 15ml bottle of liquid, and my PV with a drip tip. I am very proud that I am a Vaper. And I am very proud that I have been smoke free for over 500 days. And know this, You are Not Quitting, only changing the source of your nicotine. It wasn't all easy either. I did have a setback or two. I supplemented with analogs till I got my problems fixed. The biggest problem I had was the lack of a satisfying vapor. I kept at it though. The first few weeks were tough, I'll admit. But I was determined to make it work. And when I received my first 'real' e-cig there was no looking back. I have since upgraded even more with my 6Volt Prodigy-V3. Oh what a vaping machine it is too.



It's hard to write about e-cigs when my passion is defeating the anti's and their half truths. Yes what they are saying is correct to a point. And that's it. After that they have no legs to stand on IMHO. I know so much more about them than the anti's is telling you, because I use the e-cig. I know what is in my juice. I know how the e-cig is made, and the principals on which it was designed. With a little research, you too can find out the rest of the story that the anti's are not telling you. When you do you will no longer be the sheeple that the anti's and others want you to be.