How Cool This Is

When i was young, Grandpa lived in Baytown. we would go for a visit, and i got to watch GP's TV. One of the Houston UHF channels(39 or 26 i don't remember) carried a show called 'ULTRAMAN'.

Fast-forward some 30+ years i started working at Dominos pizza. one of the managers (Casey) there had a real fascination with the Japanese language. in talking to him about this I discovered he had some VHS copies of some of the 'ULTRAMAN' episodes. He gave them to me to copy and i did. When i got a VHS convertor to DVD i transferred them to DVD and gave him a copy on DVD.

Recently, i ordered a pizza from Dominos, the driver delivered my pizza and this picture. Casey went to the most recent Comi-Con, and got this for me.

An autographed picture of THE man who played 'ULTRAMAN"

so cool.