Was I ready to stop? No not really. I will admit that the gadget side of this was very attractive to me. But truly the first step is you have to want to stop. Starting down this path is a good thing. but be warned now, the learning curve is quite large and it can be rather expensive quickly if you let it. But think of it this way, how much is it REALLY worth to stop smoking. SO, Get ready to change everything you know about smoking. Vaping is a whole new way of doing things. With just a little tiny push I did it. Nobody told me to do it. Nobody ordered me to do it. I cannot stress this enough, I did this on my own, on my terms. There would have been no other way. I am just too stubborn for someone to tell me to do it. The process is not without a little stress either. Learning to deal with stuff that is 3 or 4 days out can be frustrating by itself. you will need to think ahead a little. When you get low on something be ready to order it now so you don't run out while you are waiting for stuff to come in. Once you get into a routine you can live with, it will be downhill from there.

    I was a VERY heavy smoker of 35 years. I didnít smoke cigarettes, I smoked little cigars, Muriel sweets little cigars. I smoked them because they tasted better than regular analogs to me . And they were not taxed like analogs either. I was paying 25.99 for a carton. (I am saving money too). And you know, I have no idea how much nic they had. I Enjoyed Smoking. Really I did. I never even considered quitting. I suppose you could call me a militant smoker. Even during my recent visit in the hospital I did not want to quit. I went outside to the smoking area with my I .V. In tow. The doctors 'suggested' that I stop. They stopped short of ordering me to quit. I remember hearing/seeing the advertisements for chantix. With all the side effects that it has, what's the point, REALLY? I don't need/want the side effects, nor do I need/want to deal with them. And I have a huge problem with a pill for every ill that pharmaceutical companies and the FDA want you to think. But that is another rant.