My current setup




  this is the basic method I use to fill my cartomizers.




A short review of the Prodigy V3 with a KR808D-1 carto modded with a drip tip



  here is a short video demonstration cutting juice

 using the syringe with a short piece of tubing.

using Tasty Vapor juice




A box-mod of my creation,

a box mod can be made with (ALMOST) anything



  this is a little desk fan I created with spare parts

I call it my e-cig cooler



My kind of nose hit


  One good Drag



MMMM 5 volt vapor 


A relic from my analog smoking days



Rush is even on our side

Rush on Nicotine



E-cigs can ruin your life too, in a good way.

  an amusing new video....yea don't let this happen



i embedded all of my videos here so they could be on one page. they are on YOUTUBE.COM.

there are many more videos on you tube, demonstrating e-cigs, reviewing products. When you buy an e-cig and you have a little problem, or even questions, just search youtube. some one has made a video for that.

My favorite YouTuber is GrimmGreen he has tons of reviews.