I HAVE Saved Money, Maybe You Can Too









I started vaping blindly, not caring if I was going to save money or not. all of my purchases were based on if I needed it now or go get a pack of cigs now. I did not stock up as some have. I just don't have the extra money. a few months later, I started listing the places where I bought stuff. on an excel sheet , the date, merchant, and price. with all of the merchants on-line, I received an e-mail from each for each purchase. so assembling a list was no big thing. after I created 'the list' things started to fall in place for me to work out if I was saving money. it worried me after a while because when I smoked I smoked cheap things, and I didn't think I could beat the price for the cheap cigarettes.  what I found out FOR ME is that I am close to breaking even at any time. when I purchased my Prodigy, I went into the negative for the first time since I started (that I know of). however if I had smoked Marlboros, I would have saved a ton. turns out I was already saving money smoking the cheap little cigars.



By using the amount I would have spent smoking, I give myself an allowance as to how how much I have to spend each month. the sheet I have now has been refined over a couple of months. and I continue to add stuff as time goes by.

there are 2 excel sheets I have included in this download. one is my sheet. the second is a blank one, ready for somebody to plug numbers and data into. look at my sheet and use it as a guide.  the GREY cells are the input cells. the white cells are where the calculations take place.

download expenses.zip


If you do not have MS Excel to open the spreadsheet you can download open office for free.

1. first enter the date you stopped smoking. click (select) the grey cell, type the date,

"##-##-####", press enter

2. then the number of cigs you smoked per day. click (select) the
grey cell, type the number, "##", press enter

3. then enter the price you paid for a carton and the number of cigs in the carton, most cartons have 200 cigs in them if yours have a different amount you can enter that over the 200 already there. again in the
GREY cells only. the grey cells are your entry cells. the white cells are calculation cells.

when you get the basic entries done the '0' calculations (
white cells) will start to go away in favor of your entries.

4. in order to calculate juice and equipment separately there two entries for purchases, one for equipment, one for juice.
so juice and equipment purchases should be carried to the corresponding entry cells. skip the first cells (
blue circle) they are for the adjustments.

I even included adjustment fields for both categories. you could just enter your totals of each juice and equipment in the adjustment cells, instead of listing each purchase.

click (select) the grey cell, type in the total spent, " ##.## " , press enter 

Save it on your computer, and it will keep up with your numbers for you. no strings attached.

and from a geek point of view, i learned how to use Excel while making this sheet. with no prior experience. i discovered the IF conditionals and took advantage of that too.


I hope that you are or will be saving money in your vaping adventure.