A Few Random Thoughts



    If you smoke a little while you are learning, don't worry too much about it. I supplemented with cigarettes for the first month. But part of my trouble was the brand of e-cig that I had. I really wanted succeed, and it just didn't perform as well as I needed it to. Don't forget there are approx 4000 chemicals that your body is used to getting, there is a time when you may not get exactly what you need. Part of that is your body revolting because it is not getting the 4000 chemicals it is used to. Think of it this way , how many cigarettes did the e-cig help you to not smoke?? Regardless of the number of cigarettes you are smoking right now, vaping will take over when your taste buds come back. Or it did for me.
There are some things you must come to terms with. One is that you can do it. It might take a little effort on your part, to force yourself to change. Vaping is not a dumb sport. Smoking is. With smoking you take a 'stick' out and light it. Vaping actually takes a little thinking, and learning. Learning being the key point. Once you get the basics down, things will start to fall into place. With learning comes thinking differently too. If you are unwilling to learn new things, then don't even waste your time. If you are willing, then there is a whole world out there just waiting for you to discover.
They don't want you to stop smoking. They like getting your money. First they want you to continue to buy cigarettes. So the taxes are paid. Then they want you to get sick, and buy expensive pharmaceuticals (pills), and pay for doctors and hospitals. They like being in control. There is a large trail of money that won't happen if you start vaping.
smoking is a dry mess. To vaping's wet mess, and vaping's wet mess is only at first. Once you learn more of what you need to know it will become less of a wet mess.
the cat is out of the bag. E-cigarettes show up and threaten taxes being collected by government, and pharma's cessation products. I am all for regulation. But there are a whole lot things that are not going to be regulate-able. Mainly because I can make an E-cig. How are that going to regulate that?? nicotine is the only part of the E-cig equation that CAN be regulated in the end. I mean we can purchase parts now, we can purchase all of the flavorings now. I know it will not stop me from mixing my own juice, and all I need then is the nicotine to add to it.
Notice that the title says STOP smoking, and not QUIT smoking?  I have never wanted to QUIT smoking. I enjoyed smoking, I was resigned to the fact that I was going to die, probably with a cigarette in my mouth, or in my hand, or both. And yes I said BOTH. I never even once wanted to try to quit. I knew I should but it wasn't going to happen. Again I enjoyed smoking way too much to quit. E-cigs are the single best solution for me.
Anyone dumb enough to KNOWINGLY sell an e-cig to a minor should be taken out back and SHOT.
When I heard on the radio that e-cigs could deliver nicotine without smoke, I could not help but investigate further. Then my grand-son gave me my first e-cig. The first week I did ok. I was constantly charging my batteries. I only had 2 batteries and they were constantly being rotated. I used them till the light flashed, then to the charger they went. My other issue was refilling. The carts were simple enough. But they had almost no capacity for fluid. I watched the guys at the mall kiosk drop a drop of fluid into the cart then blow it right back out again. All I could think was that there has to be a better way.
2 packs a day is what I smoked. And now that I vape I go thru approximately 10ml of 18mg juice per week. I still don't have it down to an exact science yet.