One Year with my Prodigy




I purchased my Prodigy v3.0 on 07-01-10. at the time I was using a KR808-D1. what a vaping machine the Prodigy is too. 6volts worked well for me on the 808ís, and yes I understood the 808ís were not designed for 6 volts. I also understand the implications of running 6 volts thru the 808 cartomizers; you end up with pretty fried cartos. I would use them till they sizzled for more than 5 secs after I released the switch or the taste was off so much. 808ís are disposable. I use about 1 carto a day doing it this way.




On 10-21-10 I dropped it without being locked. When I picked it up and tried to use itÖÖ.nothing. Immediately I am in panic mode. I only had 2 sets(4 batteries). There is a constant rotation for my batts. One set on the charger one set in the device. I knew that a mechanical switch could not have too much wrong with it so upon inspection I discovered the batteries were crushed, Increasing the distance between the switch post and the battery. I unscrewed the switch post screw 1/4th turn, and my Prodigy came back to life. At this point I ordered 2 more sets of batteries. And my relaxed state returns.


Being uncomfortable


On 11-15-10 I received my first ďnew and improvedĒ KR808-D1 cartoís. and they were horrid compared to the originals. The way I used the cartos was working well up to this point. I would pop the end-cap off of the carto, fill it using the push method, then install a drip-tip, and I was good for the day. The new ones did not like being dripped on period. The juice would run out almost as soon as I dripped. Not to mention that the constant burned flavor added to the nightmare. I switched merchants to get the original cartos (sorry Steve and gang) but they soon ran out too. After visiting with other merchants thru their ticket systems on this issue, I decided it was time to change what I was using. I didnít like the new KR808ís, and you can blame Kanger, the manufacturer of these cartos, for all my woes with the 808ís. They had a decent product I believe.




01-12-10 I purchased the 3.1 switch upgrade. I noticed that all of my batteries had become slightly crushed using the old switch. My preference for the heavy spring probably contributed to this. And at one point I developed a blister on my finger due to holding my Prodigy so tightly to get it to fire up correctly. When it didnít fire up right away my instinct was to squeeze more tightly, and it seemed to work too. The downside to that was, semi-crushed batteries, and using washers so the switch post would contact the batteries properly. The new switch alleviated all of my battery concerns.




02-10-11 I decided to scrap the 808ís in favor of the 510. I purchased a 510 cap for the Prodigy and some 510 cartos, low res and standard res. I used the low res cartos on my BLU batteries and they worked very well, but not so much with 6 volts. The standard resistance cartos are what I settled with. These are the 510 boge cartos. Yea they are probably not designed for 6 volts, but they work as well as the 808ís did in the beginning, and I am a happy camper again.


Some one on the ECF asked the question, is the Prodigy the best US mod?


My answer is YES, hands down. The Prodigy v3.1 is the best mechanical, 6 volt; US built mod on the planet. PERIOD. (AND BEST LOOKING TOO).

2 Years......Really?

My second year anniversary came and went, and i did not even notice. Maybe because everything is going so well. The only real issue i have had was with the replacement batteries.

the original batteries lasted well over a year before showing 'wear' in their performance and stamina. the new batteries are less forgiving. i read that this type of battery likes to be topped up on a regular basis. the higher you keep the charge, the longer the battery lasts. the new batteries don't bounce back like the originals. i have purchased 8 sets(of 2) because of this.