On the FDA, Additives and Withdrawal



Back when I started vaping I would visit the kiosk where I got my stuff. They had a huge sign that said that this product would help me quit smoking. In the back of my mind I knew they could not claim any health benefits without FDA approval. I am saying something about it mainly because of what they have done to health food stores in the past. Making unsubstantiated claims. The FDA is starting to come down on a few businesses that have made claims of this type. You could almost see it coming. At least for now I believe the best course of action for any E-business selling vaping supplies should be to put up disclaimers. plain and simple. Maybe even state that the FDA has not approved them. And if E-businesses put up a disclaimers, I wont pay any attention because I know the truth that the FDA doesn't want You to know.



Smoke is the enemy, not Vapor.

Burning is the enemy, not Vaporizing.

Combustion is the enemy, not Evaporation.



I bought the product with no intention of quitting. I was looking for a safer alternative. I am not a big fan of chewing tobacco, skoal and the like. So using something like that just wasn't in the cards. As I had used them in the past and I know all about them. But when I heard that the e-cig could deliver nicotine without all the other 4000 assorted chemicals that are added to an analog cigarette and/or formed from the burning of said cigarette, I was intrigued. From what I have learned about the ingredients of the juice that I use, I have discovered that with the exception of nicotine they are components of foods we eat everyday. USDA approved flavorings, propylene glycol and nicotine. I doubt my favorite USA juice e-merchant ever used any ingredients that included anti-freeze.

And the FDA says that it has antifreeze in it.



Sometimes I wonder what happens to all the additives they add to tobacco when burning. They recently added a new one to make cigarettes go out if not actively smoked. My cheap cigars went out if I did not smoke them or set them down. When I was younger there was a cigarette paper that was slow burning. The chemical that slowed down the burning process was asbestos, a well known carcinogen. And it was in the paper. I avoided that paper after I found that out. but if they added that chemical to cigarettes, how does that react to the burning process with the presence of nicotine and tobacco molecules to mix with? Add to that all that additives going into cigarettes already, and the molecules they create while burning. The results from a very chaotic burning process cant be good. Or for that matter any better.

And the FDA approves.



When You vape, You are in control. You control the flavor. You control the amount of nicotine. You control the voltage. You don't have that smoking, the FDA has control. When was the last time You remember seeing how much nicotine was in your cigarette? For some reason they don't want You to know. When You start vaping your body is used to getting 4000 chemicals, and now there are only a few. There will be a withdrawal period. A time when You just can't seem to get what You need. Some of that has to be from the assorted 4000 chemicals that form from the burning process.  Nicotine being the primary addictive element is easily adjusted for your needs to help alleviate those symptoms. There are 4000 reasons why I vape.

And the FDA says NO.