The Khan Khronicles

Khan passed away Aug 29 2016 i miss him dearly



My philosophy with cats includes the demand that I think like a cat. What do cats want? The first thing on any cats mind is FOOD. Second would be sex, unless yours is fixed, spayed or neutered. In that case the desire for sex is reduced dramatically. So roaming or the desire to roam in light of the next conquest is reduced as well. and as a bonus you won't have to worry about spreading/having unwanted kittens. Cats can’t understand what we are saying, but they do understand the tone of our voice. The same way we don’t understand what they are vocalizing. You can look at how they are acting and listen to the sound of their vocalizations and surmise what is on their minds. When you call your cat, they don’t necessarily understand their name, but they hear your voice, and you are the one with the Food. 3rd Cats are hunters. When you play with your cat, you are teaching them to hunt. Chasing the ball or mouse toy is training for hunting. And then you get back to the Food thing.  

Only The Best 

Before I adopted Khan, I was in the planning stage; I researched what the best cat food is. If I was going to spend money on an animal, something I had never done before, I wanted him to have the best food. Something other than Friskies for example. At the time I did not know a lot about the nutritional needs for a cat. Miss Whiskers, my 20+ year old, I thought needed a special food because she had been spayed. I was wrong. Again at the time I knew nothing. If I had fed her the correct food in the first place her problems probably would not have happened. But back then there was only science diet that was different from the regular brands. and no internet to research for better food. Since there really is an internet, I found out that cats are obligate carnivores. Meaning they need raw meat, associated organs and bones of animals they can hunt, kill, and eat for the best nutrition. There is a nice middle ground of nutritious foods to buy for a cat. Khan will be settling for scheduled morning and evening moist cans and dry kibble supplied all day. Kittens need to be able to snack at will. All of it a better quality than Science Diet, or even Iams. 

A New Beginning

When I first adopted Khan and brought him home, I had been planning for a kitten, but I had planned for a smaller kitten. His pen has everything he needs, but he was larger than I had planned for at six months old. I put a cardboard box in his pen because I knew he would want to hide but the holes I cut in the box were too small. As soon as he got out of the carrier, he went for the box to hide, and couldn’t get inside. But I slowly pulled the box around to enlarge the holes so that he could get in. he stayed in the box for a little while. I put some food near an opening in the box and left him alone. When I saw the food being eaten I knew he was warming up and would soon emerge from the box. The first time he came out of the box, he stepped out and flopped over right on my outstretched hand. I kept him in the pen locked up for a week. Not to keep him from running away, but to keep other animals away from him and his food. I would come home, sit in front of the pen, open it up and play a while and allow him to explore a while. After I would feed him and lock up the pen.

 It's Scary Out There

After that week, I opened up the pen; wire tied the door down so it would not be in the way. By then his tree was in place providing him with an extra place to stay and play. I have not restricted him from exploring. Truth being I can’t restrict him going anywhere, except inside. My house is his house. He doesn’t know it yet but he has the run of the place, king of the roost. Most of where he can go easily, points to the back yard and under the house and in the attic. I have purposefully kept him from even seeing the front yard. I have kept the garage door closed and locked, so the temptation was not there. The front yard is where the real danger is, CARS. Khan is an outside cat, exploring, gaining territory is inevitable. Finding the front yard is coming; when he does I will guide him but not restrict him. He knows where his food is, and his bed, and his toys. 

If It Moves…Kill It! 

Or at least, play with it till it stops moving. While playing with Khan, he darted off, down the stairs to chase a wooly-booger (crane fly). The one he was chasing flew all the way up above the loft and very near his tree. Khan ran up the stairs, over and past me, all the way up to the top of his tree, caught the wooly-booger and ate it. He is quick. The wooly-booger didn’t stand a chance. In that respect I am looking forward to the first real prey he brings back. When I play with him, I entice him to stalk and pounce, hopefully training him to hunt efficiently. I work him hard, really trying to tire him out. He loves to chase his ‘ball on a string’ toy. When I see he is getting tired, I put the toy down. He’ll circle around me a few times then sit in my lap for a while.


One evening, I was leaving to go get some food, and I opened the front door, Khan was on the front porch. I don’t know who looked more surprised, him or me. When I opened the screen door he got scared and ran back under the house. So I know what route he took to get there. I called him and he jumped back on the porch.  I petted him so he would know that it’s OK to be here, and I left. When I got back I did not see him. I went to the garage to call him. When he came to me I took him upstairs and fed him. Instead of trying to keep him off the front porch, I prefer to try to make the garage more appealing than the front porch. 

Stopping The Charge 

All of the cats I have had have been outside cats. The cats want to come inside, but I can't let them. The best thing I have been able to do to keep them from charging the door is simply putting my hand in their face. Don’t let them see where they are going. The cats are always persistent, and so am I. I have noticed that when I am getting ready to go back inside, Khan is at least thinking about going inside too. When he is thinking about it, he wags his tail. He may not be near the door. Snooping around trying to make it look like he is not interested but his tail is wagging. As soon as I open the door he stops what he is doing and starts towards the door. If he gets too close he gets the hand. Tail wagging the whole time. Last night, he went behind the stairs and tried to go through a small opening under the first step next to the door. All he managed to do was poke his head through the hole. The hand was not necessary. I smiled.

We Have a Visitor

About a week ago i noticed Khan's food dish completely empty. That has never happened. I was happy that he was eating all of his food in-between scheduled feedings at first. but i soon saw quick glimpses of a fleeing animal, too quick to tell what it was. My wife had told me there was a larger black and white Tom hanging around out front. so i deduce that the Tom is getting free expensive snacks. but i wanted to prove it to myself so i setup a PC to broadcast a webcam and caught him in the act. i have since discontinued the use of the webcam. i have run the Tom off for the time being. i know he will be back soon enough. the camera will help me keep an eye on things in the meantime.


I Don't Understand


Something happened. Around Easter. Wish I could figure this one out. Khan developed a deep fear of touching the floor, anywhere in the garage. I noticed first when I went upstairs to feed him, he went behind me around the water heater, and jumped over to the tree, then from the tree to the pen. He would eat normally, then leap back to the tree, water heater, to the steps. Being carefully clumsy he avoids stepping on the floor. leaping from thing to thing. sometimes he misses his target too, can't help but laugh. there enough things for him to get around without risking floor contact. i moved his food and water downstairs in an effort to make him happier, but the floor is just as bad for him down there as it was upstairs. after a few months he is starting to warm up to the floor again. he has been laying on a floor mat (with bare floor all around him) on the landing.

It's A Matter Of Trust


As Khan is growing older, he has grown out of the playfulness he had when was was smaller. While smaller, when my hand would get to close to an area he decided was too sensitive, he would immediately attack with both front claws, and sometimes teeth. I understand that this is a cats way to warn me not to do something. and unless you are overly aggressive they won't purposefully break your skin. you stop, they stop. Claws could also be a cats fingers. used for holding things still. Teeth are an extension of that too. remember that cats carry their young in their mouths. point is They know how to hurt you, IF they wanted to. They also know how NOT to hurt you. All cats have pointy sharp things. Khan has learned to control his sharp pointy things around me. part of that is maturity too. i trust him not to use his claws.


He trusts me to hold him in a comfortable way. supporting his feet, he can stand on my hands, or lay down too without going into a panic from being squeezed in the wrong places. causing him to use his claws the wrong way. he trusts me not to chase him through the house, when he does get in, i let him look around a little then i call him, he comes, i pick him up and take him back outside no fuss no muss. if you don't chase an animal they will not run away or hide. he knows he doesn't belong inside, so going inside is a challenge, a luxury for him. don't make it a challenge to get him out.





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Robbie The Cat






Khan's older brother