OK, so you have looked around the ECF. You stop, you sit there dumfounded. I know I did. Way too much information. All at once.

 Juice, Carts, Atomizers, Batteries, Chargers, Filling, Buying, Receiving, Shipping, Modding, Flavors, PG, VG ....Oh MY?!?!?

It will be OK. It just takes time to settle in. Took me a month to get completely smoke free.

So don't get too frustrated yet, there can be a solution to what you need.

This is all about You, and Your Nicotine addiction.

Keep a pack of cigarettes and a lighter around, hide them somewhere. and if the need arises. I won't stop you.

All the Vapers at the ECF and I are Former Smokers too. We have all been there. The ECF is my support group. I had plenty of help at my fingertips along the way.

I did not start vaping to Quit nicotine. I only stopped smoking because I found a better way to get my nicotine.

DO NOT, even for a second, think that this is a quick fix either.

You will have to work at it. It CAN be done.

But You are the one that has to do it. Do it in Your time. There is no rush to get there. There is a lot to learn too. Just pick it up as you go.

Information Overload