12-25-2009 - My grandson gave me my first e-cig for Christmas, a little blu-type. I charged it up and puffed on it the entire way home (3 hour drive). All I could think was this is not that bad at all and if I am going to attempt to stop I need more than one battery, one battery in the hand, one battery on the charger. Just to make a serious attempt. Not knowing any better I went to the mall and got a second one, and various other equipment. Like a case, a USB charger, and e-juice ($25 for 15ml). And all I knew about the nic level for it was that it was "high". There were no other labels. The first week I think I destroyed one of the batteries by sucking on the wrong end. Fluid got into the battery and shorted it out. So on my second trek to the mall I smoked my first analog while driving. The smoke from the analog was a bad thing; it kept getting in my eyes, and I realize now what I have been putting my wife thru every time she would ride with me in the car. I was able to trade the bad one for a good one under warranty. Lesson ONE: Be VERY careful with automatic batteries. fluid will destroy them.

    My first e-cig was an ok device, it got me started. Light-N-Go has 2 types, the express kit and the premium kit. The express kit comes in a pack shaped exactly like an analog pack. The pack had a built in charger one automatic battery, one atomizer, one charger, and 5 pre-filled carts. The carts came in 2 flavors, regular and menthol. I truly enjoyed the factory filled carts regular flavor. I had bought a second ‘pack’ when I started so I had 10 pre-filled carts. When I started to re-fill them the flavor changed. evidently the flavor LnG is selling me is not the same as the factory carts. Not a bad thing at this point, but I started to ration the remaining factory carts to make them last a little longer.


01-11-2010 - So I found e-cigarette-mart.com selling inexpensive e-juice from china. I ordered 30ml of vanilla and 2 USA mix in 30ml for $8 per bottle. They actually arrived in a week. I never tasted the vanilla and the USA mix was like air. All 3 bottles were 36mg nicotine. And so starts my quest for a ‘good’ flavor. 

    I burned up a second battery, so back to the mall I go. They traded it out no problem. I also tried to get some pre-filled carts while I was there, but they were out. So I go online to the Light-n-go.com and ordered some carts for my express kit. I waited for a week with no contact or status updates. So I called them and they said they could not get carts for the express kits. They could only get carts for their premium kits. So I go back to the mall and they trade both of my express kits for a premium kit. And now I have new carts, finally. Just one comment about LnG, customer support was ok, they took care of all my problems. but the prices there are beyond sky high. By now I was beginning to see the light and the end of the tunnel in the realization that the e-cig I have is not doing its job. The frustration level was growing, and I was supplementing with analogs on a regular basis.

   01-21-2010 - And thanks to my manager in the department where I work, he found e-cigarette-forum.com. He showed it to me and a whole new world came into view. Kind-of like when Dorothy steps out of her house into the land of OZ. (dramatic music starts). And here is where I learned everything else that I needed to know.  I did my research, and purchased "real" equipment. I got a KR808 with Kamel flavored cartomizers from Pure Smoker. I was finally in a good place. What I mean is I was able to quell the addiction side of all this with my china juice and new equipment. The Kamel flavor description read like it was going to be ok. Pure Smoker threw in 1 Energee (redbull) flavored cart too. Neither flavor was anything I expected, both tasted like cough syrup. I waited till next payday still using the china juice. I ordered some new carts from Vapor4Life, this time I purchased caramel and 555 and French vanilla ice cream. V4L added sample carts of Cuban cigar, Margarita, and Cranberry. I am not real happy with any of these flavors....and the quest continues.
 02-05-2010 - And then I found a place that makes it's juice by hand per order to keep the juice fresh. Tasty Vapor  I bought 24 mg Butter Rum juice, and OMG it was fantastic. I vaped a quarter of the bottle before the weekend was up. So I was trying to clean some cartomizers for my new juice and I made a horrible discovery. The 555 cart I was cleaning smelled like an ashtray, and THAT convinced me not to purchase any more ‘tobacco’, from any vender. I knew I needed to get more juice to keep from running out.

02-15-2010 - I ordered Atomic Cinicide 24mg and TV’s tobacco flavor after reading this.  And I vaped all of the Butter Rum before it arrived.


I need to add that now I don't think it was such a horrible discovery. I think it was my tastes coming back  that allowed me to smell the STANKYNESS of the cigarette. just remember this if you are just starting out....

YOUR ABILITY TO TASTE WILL CHANGE. just be ready for it.


03-05-2010 - After a time I got 24mg Butter Cream and doubler together to cut to 12mg. then I would fill my carts with the 12mg, and when I topped off those carts I used the 0 nic doubler. Did the 12mg/0mg top-off for a couple of weeks. Now I am filling all my carts with 0mg Nicotine. I just received my first full doubler order, Almond Horn, and Blueberry Cheesecake. And I am pretty stocked up on some excellent flavors. Although Butter Rum will be next on my list. 

    I went to 0 nicotine because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I stayed at 0 nicotine for 2 weeks. I still have bottles of juice with nicotine in them. the highest amount being 24mg. but I am cutting that to 12mg, and I am not going to vape any higher mg's. The reason is that it makes a really nice after dinner vape. The nic juice has more of a throat hit than non-nic juice. Any other time and I am probably using the doublers because of the vapor production of the 70% VG. most juices are made with US food grade propylene glycol or PG. a medium to suspend nicotine and flavorings. VG is vegetable glycerin. VG is slightly thicker, tastes slightly sweeter by itself and it supplies tons more vapor. For me it's all about the Vapor.

 03-18-2010 - The fate of my LnG batts has changed. Somewhere in my adventure I ordered a 510 to 901 adapter from heaven-gifts in china. I did not know if it would work but I wanted to try using them if I could. I was in no hurry, and it took 10 business days to get it. But it worked on my LnG batts. So now I know what threads my LnG batts have and I ordered a 510 atomizer and carts. The LnG batts did not do too well with my 901 atty's or the 808 carts with the adapter so getting the 510 carts and atty and eliminating the adapter seems like a logical thing to do.

The 510 carts work perfectly with my LnG batts. So I now have a 'new/old' e-cig model now for a demonstrator. Instead of using the atty it came with.


04-20-2010 - I ordered some new juice from halocigs. I got the 12mg Torque 56(formerly Harley 56). I got really curious about this flavor after GrimmGreen did a review on it. This will be my first attempt at burning tobacco juice that I am purchasing on purpose. I am prepared for the burning simulation side of this. I know there is a 'burning' juice out there that tastes good (to me). My first e-cig is proof of that. But I have yet to find it. All of my juice from TV is fantastic, no doubt. But I would like to find the same flavor I had when I started. LnG was no help in that respect. I don't give up easily. I do not want the pre-mixed crap from china either I learned my lesson from the pre-filled tobacco cartos I got from V4L. Halo juice is made in the USA which made it even more appealing to me.

      Well, the Halo Juice came in. My first impression is this stuff is very nice, sweet but not too sweet. I want to say licorice flavor. lots of flavor too. this is reminiscent of my first PV but this is much stronger flavor. the bottle is VERY aromatic by itself. still a slight scent of an ashtray, which I was expecting this time. the powerful flavor took over the atomizer and cart I am using ATM. just like the AC did from tasty vapor, the flavor is so strong that I must dedicate an atty and cart for them. Halo will be added to my list of GOOD vendors. a few hours later the newness of the flavor has faded a little. but there is a menthol coolness to it.


   04-29-2010  the next weekend I had the most failures that I have ever had. 3 - 901 atomizers, 1 vapor king passthru, and the 5V car adapter. my only good source for 5V. sigh. so ordering started on Friday at work, where 2 atomizers died. go online at work and order 2 HV 901 atomizers. when I got home the 3rd died. then I did some stupid experimenting when my passthru no longer worked and blew the fuse in the car USB adapter. I go to the store and get fuses. I got the wrong size 3 amp. couldn't read the fuse so I guessed. I plugged the passthru into the newly repaired adapter and the passthru started smoking. new passthru ordered with carts, and new car adapter too. I killed the passthru on mothers day. so I didn't tell the wife I ordered the new passthru and adapter. didn't want to ruin her day.

05-06-2010 - I ordered a sampler pack from Johnson's creek. and some halo freedom juice. also I ordered 2 AC/USB power pack and a drip tip from VAPRLIFE.  I ordered them all  before the breakdowns happened. power pack and tip from VAPRLIFE Saturday. halo juice came in Monday. Johnson's creek Tuesday. passthru and carts from vapor4life on Wednesday. atomizers from vapor king on Thursday.

 I am going to be traveling. so I am starting to prepare for that. I have learned that 5v to vape is really a necessity for me. I had bought a USB car adapter that provides 5v. and it works wonderfully on my pass-thru. I made a car accessory outlet for my computer so I have 5v at my PC but I can't use it at work, I use my batteries till I get home. But I want my 5v vape soon after I get home. Having said that, I am going to be away from any 5v source for a few days. So I have purchased a energizer rechargeable power pack that supplies 5v on a USB output. And I have purchased a bag to hold all my vaping supplies, juice and all.  My hope is the power pack will keep me happy without having to go out to my car to get my 5v fix. The bag should not be a problem as it holds quite a bit of stuff.

    my power pack came in today. the package said it was charged up and ready to go. I checked the charge level and it needed to charge up for 8 hours. so when that finishes I will be testing it.

           The power pack is on the way back to amazon.com. It only provided 1 amp at 5v. a dismal failure. I need 2 amps at 5v. So I got a car charger and a accessory socket for cars. and I made a way to get 5 volts using the USB car adapter that provides 2 amps at 5v. same basic setup I used on my PC to get 5v. I only got a separate 12v power supply to plug into.

well the trip went well. I was able to order carols cousin and husband 2 starter kits from vapor king. the power I had was adequate as well.

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