What do YOU need to do First?
  1. Well I would say at a minimum

YOU need the desire to stop smoking.

and willingness to learn new things.

Truly, it is as simple as that.

and the e-cig is not going to do the work for YOU either.

YOU have to make it work for YOU.

  Then get a starter kit. (E-merchants page) To see if YOU like it. A starter kit will come with everything YOU need to get started. BUT. This can be a loaded question. There are too many variables to give just one answer. All of My answers would be based with heavy vaping in mind. YOU may not have smoked 2 packs a day.

YOU must ask YOUrself some questions.

  1.     1. How much do YOU smoke?

        Really this question is important. As battery life comes into play. and how much juice would YOU need to carry.

        Just remember the the smaller the battery the shorter the battery life is.

        For me my first small batt units would last maybe an hour.  YMMV*

       Also how many carts to carry around can be an issue. YMMV*

            2. What do YOU smoke?

        If YOU are using higher nic analogs YOU will need higher nic levels.

        Conversely if YOU use light analogs YOU will need lower levels of nic.

        high being around 36mg, lower being lower than that. YMMV*

            3.When/Where do YOU smoke?

        I know, I know....the smoking area. But where are YOU most of the day?

        If YOU are inside, at a desk, in front of a computer YOU will have it made.

        as YOU can charge YOUr batteries as needed.  YMMV*

        if YOU are outside, YOU need to consider battery life here too. Carry extras.

        if YOU are driving there are adapters for converting 12v to vaping voltages.

        and YOU may need something to carry all YOUr stuff too. YMMV*

I am sure I am not hitting all the points here, juice flavors being one, but it is a good start. I can only go by what I did. And everybody is different. In order to be successful, YOU will need to know the answers to these and more, for YOUrself. If there is a need, there is a solution. The e-cigarette-forum is a great place to get all of the info YOU need to know. Getting the right equipment can be just as important as where YOU get YOUr juice. Juice mishaps can be cleaned...... equipment failures are possible at any time.  Think about it, What do YOU need to be successful? Research it. On the e-cigarette-forum. Many of the links on my stop smoking page can help with finding the answers YOU need. The e-cigarette-forum also has an approved E-merchant list. So YOU can get better quality services and equipment and juice. All trusted by the community.

*YOUr Mileage May Vary