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My Equipment supplier

Same day shipping Good products

Great customer service

China Juice



 and they do wholesale too.

My juice supplier

By far, The Best, The Freshest,

Hand Mixed, per order,

USA made E-liquid on the Planet.

and the best value too

UK products and juice sold here in the USA. they have really nice products.


Batteries and Misc.

When it absolutely, positively has to taste like a burning cigarette. USA made.

I ordered batteries for my prodigy here and they have tons more stuff here too



Vapor King Dealer. Always having a sale

China Juice

AND I SO want one of these

A burning cigarette E-liquid that is used in a major brand e-cig starter kits.

USA made.





































Don't be fooled by the advertising sites selling inferior products.


I have done business with all of the merchants listed below. They have all treated me fairly, please consider them when looking to purchase equipment or juice. SOME have starter kits, SOME are juice only. There are many many more listed at ECF forums. They are ECF approved Merchants. These are some of the more popular merchants in the vaping community. And I trust them to provide quality products and services.

 I am not here to make money. I am here to save you a little time. It is, after all, an addiction you are dealing with. I know this first-hand.












I need to go into some things about equipment. Most of the stuff available is from china. Stuff from china tends to be cheaply made. don't get me wrong, the china stuff is ok to start with because it is inexpensive. There are USA built e-cig MODS. But they tend to be expensive. Expensive is not a bad thing either. The USA stuff is well built and I have seen good reviews on many different ones. I myself own a Prodigy V3.1 (6V baby!)  from Puresmoker. My first real starter kit was an Ace from PS as well.

How much stuff do you need? The starter kits come with all the stuff you need to start. So for around 30$ plus shipping you can get started. Cant decide on a model? my suggestion is 510 model of any kind (joye, ego and the like). Mostly they all perform well, with a few exceptions. I will say that for me smaller is definitely Not better. Your mileage may vary.

    When you order your kit, get extra stuff too. Extra carts, extra juice. If you can't, be prepared to order more stuff within a short time period. There is always a wait time between ordering and receiving. It's not like going to the corner store. Getting used to this aspect is probably the most difficult. Don't get caught with no supplies, it really sucks, trust me. And the mailman doesn't like being stalked either. :D

    Some of the other stuff you should consider is a passthru and a PCC. The passthru plugs into a computer with a USB connector and powers your atomizer so you can vape to your hearts content without running your battery down. A PCC is a Personal Charging Case. It can charge a battery while in your pocket. First you charge the case, and when you need to charge the battery just put it in the case. Most e-cig models have one available, and itís the same for the passthru's.

























Chinese juice

when I first started vaping, the first juice I purchased was direct from china. I waited for the juice for about a week. that was pretty fast if I say so myself. I did not Know at the time that the USA has some Fine juice makers. the thing is the China juice worked for me ,BUT, the flavor was so light. it almost turned me off to the e-cig completely. the second thing is I remember what the Chinese did to toothpaste and dog food. I wont go so far as to say that the china juice is tainted but again...

....How Do We Know?

for these reasons I only purchase USA made juice now. all the merchants I purchase from take great care of what is going into their products. Puresmoker built a lab to mix their juice. and tasty vapor is going through the same process in a brand new giant store/lab. and talk about flavor, on my first USA flavor purchase, I couldn't believe how much more flavor I got from the USA made juice.

just say no to china juice.