all is not well for the moment. I have been comfortable with my setup for more than 6 months. the KR808d-1 cartos I have been using on my 6V Prodigy V3.1 have been great up to this point. Kanger, a Chinese manufacturer, decided to change the design of the cartos. I do not like the new design. so I am babying the stupidly designed cartos while I switch to a different model. I decided to go with a 510,  with 3.7V and low resistance. I have heard good things about them all along. but I went with the KR808d-1 when I bought my first e-cig. switching is being a little stressful for me. as it is on-going as of this writing. the 2 batteries I purchased from Battery Junction arrived but 1 will not fit into the Prodigy V3.1. there is a ridge, maybe a defect in workmanship? I have e-mailed the company, I hope to have a reply soon. the 510 cap for the Prodigy V3.1 and low resistance cartos and attys are on the way from Puresmoker. and I have received some 510 cartos from Vapor Kings and have been trying them on my light-n-go batteries. I think I could use 6V on the ones I got from Vapor Kings. until I get the battery issue out of the way at Battery Junction, I will continue to be nervous. 

1 Year 58 days I received an e-mail that is an invoice from battery junction. They billed one battery and are sending it to me. free of charge evidently. but i have not exchanged any actual words with them by e-mail still. I am rationing my 3.7 stuff till i get more. with only one battery I don't have enough to put into the rotation. however i just ordered more 6v 510 cartos. and some ultimate vanilla from tasty vapor to get by to the next order. and because the 510 stuff is working so well at 6V i will probably stay with the 6V. not quite as nervous for the time being.


1 year 238 days....all is well.