by Stuart Wiggen

it is possible to change the keyboard keys to run a shortcut, using ERAccess. the process is fairly simple for computer oriented people. They can be used for any number of things in Reynolds, I, have many shortcuts setup from switching screens to finishing the stock order transfer to a 1 button oil change complete with oil on line 1. 

i will define a shortcut as a set of keys to be pressed in a certain order executed with one button press. that said, let's jump right in.

Open the keyboard settings screen.

Entering a key sequence might take some experimenting on your part depending on the complexity of your sequence. but for this example, you will be entering a line that says "NON-RETURNABLE" via the CL line under a part. this sequence of keys has 2 enter key presses. 'enter' or return in the sequence would look like '\r'. that is a slash and a lower case r. and to be sure it is Not '/r'.

so, you have a part charged on a line in screen 2525. you press your button and the following happens.

1. CL - to add the comment line, then presses enter.

2. NON-RETURNABLE is typed in and the enter key is pressed a second time.

3. your ready to charge out your next part on the next line.

the sequence you would enter looks like ' CL\rNON-RETURNABLE\r '. make sure there are NO SPACES.

Reynolds will not allow me to take a screenshot (for security reasons) of the save dialog box. I'll just suggest that you save to the default location. you can save it to a file that you name too, not a bad idea. anything you save can be located in "My Documents/ERAccess/Keyboard" unless you save to different location. This is where a basic windows know-how comes in handy. truly, save it to a location you know.


You can then copy the saved file to a jumpdrive and take to all of your terminals that use ERA. Only if you do this, FIRST, copy the file from the jumpdrive to the local hard drive, THEN open the saved file from the keyboard settings dialog(shown above). Another thing you need to know is IF you open this on a terminal that already has some keyboard saved settings, it will wipe out anything that is there in favor of the new setting you just opened. In that case, manually typing the shortcut in will keep those settings intact.

The keyboard shortcuts are a powerful tool to take advantage of. you can set them up any way you see fit. in this way they will be tailored to you.
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